The Pros and Cons of an Electric Fireplace

Owning an electric fireplace is a great addition to your home especially if you need an affordable heater that takes up as little space as possible. However, customers will often have their doubts before purchasing one. To help counter that, here are some pros and cons of getting your own electric fireplace.


  1. Convenience

Installing an electric fireplace is quick and easy, and requires little maintenance. Cleaning is also made easier as electric fireplaces do not produce fumes and only requires a quick wipe against the glass surface to remove traces of dust. It is also a logical and ideal choice to add to your home if you have limited space, such as apartments or condominiums. Also, if you are constantly on the move, electric fireplaces are portable and the heat can be easily controlled with a hand-remote from any room.

  1. Safety

The most distinct difference between having an electrical unit is that they do not use real flames to keep you warm, unlike traditional fireplaces, making them safe for children to be around. The surface of the electric fireplace is also cool allowing curious hands who stepped a little closer to satisfying their curiosity when examining the unit while it is switched on

  1. Cost

It is no secret that regardless if you own the best electric fireplace or not, all of them are known to cost significantly lesser in terms of electricity usage when compared to gas fireplaces. Also, they are cheaper to purchase and install as well.


  1. Realism

Even the best electric fireplace can’t actually mimic the charm or the familiar smell of burning wood that a real flame gives.It depends on the individual’s perspective to view the synthetic flames as artificial or fake.

  1. Heating

Electric fireplaces are not designed to be the primary source of heat to keep an entire home warm. Unlike a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace generally has the capability to heat only a limited amount of room space.