Brite Labs Pre Roll

Stopping into your local dispensary for a pre-rolled joint is one of the greatest conveniences that cannabis legalization has offered. It’s cheap, easy, and perfect for a quick toke alone or with friends while you’re on your way to whatever fun you’re looking to have. It makes an amazing birthday gift and is equally great for any event, from concerts to summer barbeques.

However, it can be hard to know what’s inside that pre-roll even after you pop the top, unless you have some type of futuristic stoner technology, such as a cannabis X-Ray or MRI (Marijuana Rating Instrument). Scientists nowadays are all apparently too busy to invent such devices – probably researching climate change or teaching rats to mix baking soda and vinegar inside tiny volcano dioramas – but there are ways to tell the quality of your pre-roll before taking that first puff.

Brite Labs Pre Roll

Each joint contains 0.75 gram of organically-grown, top-shelf marijuana which is at least 10 gram per pack. CaliKushCo premium joints are rolled with care and packaged with purpose. The stylish and discreet packaging was designed with patients in mind, allowing them to transport most anywhere without a second look. Pre-roll packs offer the convenience of joints in discreet and stylish packaging! You can take them just about anywhere! Available in Classic, Indica, and Hybrid.

The Kushfly Gold Joint is rolled by Kushfly budtenders in Shine 24K Gold preroll cones. These joints are rolled with our top shelf indoor flowers.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect surprise for your smoker buddy, or are just wanting to spoil yourself with something that’s super luxurious and unique, either way, enjoy some Kushfly Gold Joints!

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