Greenline 1g

As we brace ourselves for the uncertain future and shockwaves caused by the novel COVID-19 virus, we do all that we can to preserve the safety of our loved ones. As we extended our compassion and energy to care for our communities, it essential to first tend to our wellbeing, and for many that self-care begins with cannabis. 

Luckily for Californians, we not only have competent guidance from Governor Newsom, but we are fortunate that his and local administrations have echoed marijuana’s legitimacy as essential businesses. Continued access makes a world of difference for medical marijuana patients, and while this monumental victory was short-lived, it will drive the political conversation forward. While some turn to the plant for medicine, others utilize marijuana to wrestle with ““. Hemp and cannabis products can be an excellent source for various shelter-in-place grievances, whether you’re looking for a pre-roll for productivity or a tincture for sleep.

Greenline 1g

Grotek is a Canadian brand specialized in creating nutrients. It was created by Greenstar Plant Products back in 1998 with the aim in mind to help amateur growers produce plants similar to those of professionals. The Grotek feeding schedule is designed to increase yield in cannabis plants; there’s a version of soil, hydroponics, autoflowering plants and even a specific chart used when growing cannabis organically.

All of Grotek’s fertilizer and additives are made using high quality ingredients, providing cannabis growers with a professional, simply way of obtaining incredibly impressive results. They stock potent growth and flowering bases which contain the perfect balance of nutrients for your plants, as well as a large range of liquid and powdered additives to cover all of your plants’ needs.

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