Herb Angels

For reduction of pain, spasms, nausea, headaches and peripheral neuropathy.

Non-psychotropic and highly therapeutic, each drop of Herb Angels Premium Cannabadiol Tincture contains 99.8% pure CBD crystal isolate.

Herb Angels tincture is all natural, flavour and odour neutral.

Herb Angels

Looks like the guys over at Herb Angels has been hard at work to bring us all their new line of THC & CBD distillates.  The final results have been nothing short of impressive as well.  These distillates come in a variety of different forms.  We have everything from pure CBD, pure THC, or even one with both if that’s what you’d prefer!

The THC distillate is tasty as it is effective.  1000mg of pure, solvent-free, lab-tested THC make for a fast absorbing medication that can easily help with pain management as well as inducing body calmness.

For those who are looking for a pure CBD product, we have got you covered!  Herb Angels pure CBD distillates comes with a whopping 500mg and a 1000mg variant of pure, lab-tested CBD extract.  If you are looking to treat physical and mental ailments without feeling any intoxicating effects, you may want to consider these distillates.

Finally, we have one which features both CBD and THC!  This perfectly balanced 1:1 distillate contains 250mg of THC and 250mg of CBD!  Strength is not all one should look at when deciding on a distillate.  These extracts will help alleviate symptoms of pain, headaches, inflammation, and nausea.  Sometimes less is more!

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