Jack Herer

While Jack Herer is far from being the hardest strain to grow, it certainly requires some care, and more importantly, unconditional love! But undoubtedly, if you are a true enthusiast seeking legendary features, effects and tastes one frequently hears about when it comes to Jack Herer, the efforts and time spent are rewarded many-fold.

Jack Herer

Smoking Acapulco Gold is the cannabis equivalent of eating at a restaurant with a 3 Michelin star rating. Popular during the Swinging Sixties, the Acapulco Gold looks like a gold nugget because of its color. Aside from being a staple in countercultures, this strain is famous for its potency and unique appearance.

A cross between sativas that are indigenous to Thailand and Jamaica, the Laughing Buddha is notable for having a dank and citrusy flavor. As the name suggests, this strain will leave smokers giggly and ecstatic, so it’s the perfect choice for those who are looking to have a rollicking good time with friends.

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