Landscape Design Santa Barbara

Landscape design rules
The main task of the site design is to create a harmonious landscape. If so, it is necessary to consider the basic laws and observe the proportions. One of the main laws that apply in the development of any design, including landscape design – the law of the triangle or golden section.

Landscape design

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As applied to our case, it can be interpreted as follows: in order to make the plantings look beautiful, it is impossible that they have the same elements. For example, dividing a flowerbed into zones. Often there are three different areas, but there is no need to spare them equally: one of the largest and two smaller, but also different sizes. Also one color should be the main one, the other two – additional. And one of the additional – in general, a small number. This also applies to the choice of plants, as well as their color, shape and size.

This rule is true not only for flower beds and flowerbeds, but also in general for the design: the number and size of zones on the site, the design of paths, etc.

Creating a landscape design with your own hands, you must adhere to the law of the circle. It defines harmonious color combinations (see photo). If you divide it in half by a vertical line, you will find warm shades on the right and cold shades on the left. The basic compositions are made in one group of colours – cold or warm.

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