Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

Small Trees and Shrubs

It is essential to regularly prune small trees and shrubs to maintain their health and looks. This also encourages good branch structure. This can involve removing dying or dead branches that have been injured by animals, storms, insect infestation, or disease.

In addition, pruning small trees and shrubs helps keep your hedge dense and encourages fruit and flower development. It also helps maintain special garden forms or desired plant forms.


This cannot be overlooked for sake of your trees’ care and health. It helps insulate the soil to protect the trees and shrub beds from heat and cold. In addition, mulch helps keep roots moist. It also prevents keeps out weeds to avoid root competition.

These “mow, blow and go” Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara services specialize in quantity. How many yards can be superficially cleaned up in the least amount of time? With this business model there’s little impetus to understand pruning techniques for different rose varieties, for instance.

Landscape Maintenance Santa Barbara

In contrast, you can rest assured that a full-service Portland landscape maintenance company that has been around for decades, like Landscape East & West, has the education and experience needed to fully care for your landscape. “Full service” means full knowledge of landscaping techniques.

When your neighbors have begun to complain about your yard – or worse, you’ve become known as That House on your block – it’s time to consult with a landscape maintenance company.

It may not even be that your lawn is overgrown or unsightly. If it’s been several years since you’ve changed your landscape design, it might be time for an upgrade.

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