Physiotherapy services

Why do they use physiotherapy?

Physiotherapeutic procedures are appointed to speed up recovery, rehabilitation of the body after a long painful period, the restoration of normal life processes, healing of injuries and the return of tone to the body. In chronic diseases, physiotherapy helps reduce the risk of exacerbations or get out of these conditions. Physiotherapy treatment successfully supports drug treatment.

Physiotherapy services

ow useful is physiotherapy

The biggest plus of physiotherapy is its naturalness. Non-thermal procedures stimulate the body to positive activity, so that it recovers or better copes with problematic conditions.

A professional physiotherapist is able to supplement the prescribed courses of medical treatment with the right group of procedures. Some of them are prescribed to enhance the effect of drugs, some maintain health during periods of rest from drugs or at the end of pharmacological treatment to move to a normal state.

Our physiotherapy services:

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