Saguenay same-day weed delivery in Saguenay Canada

Saguenay same-day weed delivery

Saguenay same-day delivery service is becoming a trend in Canada. There are too many companies that promote weed delivery and for some reason, nobody seems to deliver the weed. We will discuss the history of this trend and its future in Canada. TropicExotic is a weed delivery company serving Saguenay, Ontario and surrounding areas. We deliver cannabis and other high-value products to the local market that would not be available in a warehouse. We service all age groups, including seniors who want to stay off of prescription medications and disease treatments. Our goal is to make it easy for businesses in the region to supply cannabis items to the market.

Saguenay same-day weed delivery

We have already been providing weed for over 5 years. In that time, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of marijuana, flower and concentrates to local customers. We hope to continue extending our reach into Canada’s far-flung regions with our cost effective Saguenay same-day delivery service. We launched in 2014 and since then we’ve sold millions products amounting to more than $200 million in sales from high value cannabis – 100+ per cent Canadian product sourced from legal dispensaries or licensed growers or processors. We’re a licensed “wholesaler” of cannabis. We are a privately held company and we deliver to small and medium businesses throughout Canada.

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