The Pacific bud boys Weed get you high instantly

pacific bud boys

The Pacific Bud Boys took a chance and put the strain into a dessert in hopes of getting more people to taste it. The finished product is truly something that won’t soon be forgotten. You won’t simply get a traditional cookie, but you will be served up some killer smoking flavors that are sure to please even the most discriminating palate. This also acts as an advertisement for this rare strain, which is one of the few strains actually available for sale locally (unless you look for it online).

Smoking Buds in the Pacific Northwest, basically all of the grown wild Hawaiian strains are sourced from only a couple of local/exotic grow operations near the island. There are also a few select growers that are working with this strain and you can find their products at dispensaries like Best Care and Top Shelf Express out West, but not so much in Seattle.

pacific bud boys

Biscotti Mints is a special strain of cannabis that offers a unique taste. It has been given new life through the incorporation of flavorful qualities such as green apple, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla notes. These marijuana strains are extremely potent but they also offer an easy to use experience with pleasant sensations that will leave you satisfied.

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